Why Slavic ladies are so popular among men

It has become a real hard sell for the representatives of the stronger sex to find a significant other among their compatriot females. That’s why a great many up-dated men choose rather looking for their Mrs. right overseas. According to recent observations, an increasing number of men prefer Slavic ladies, so they dare to surmount the geographical borders. We’ ve got intrigued in this Slavic phenomenon and decided to ask Veronica to share her experience. Veronica is a fairy helping mature and courteous men from abroad and Slavic girls to overcome borders in the name of love.

She created   Rondevo platform. One of the registration stages for men is filling in a form. This platform’s trait makes it easier for girls to find a true man because the ladies are already tired of men's flimsiness. Trustworthy men profiles have encouraged boosting female membership.

Veronica, what served a litmus test in determining growth trends?

The overseas men prefer Slavic women to anyone else due to their alluring appearance and formidable temper based on their enigmatic mindset. A Slavic woman moves and speaks in a special way and knows how to dress appropriately. She is always distinguished by her stateliness, gracefulness, the glow of health, and shiny hair. From childhood, Slavic ladies are engrained with the respect for family values, respect for outside people, and accordingly, good manners. They are loyal and well-mannered. According to the surveys being held on  
Rondevo, over half of male users set a high value on their demoded approach to the relationships.

The reasons why Slavic women have a concern in marriage

Slavic family traditions are rock-solid truths received with mother’s milk. Here’s why marriage occupies a vital place. As stated earlier, the man is the family leader, since he is a breadwinner, but the woman takes decisions on equal terms with her husband.

Due to intelligence, wit and sweet temper of Slavic women, they can adjust to the foreign culture with no issues. They are flexible and amiable, so they easily make friends with anyone regardless of nationality. Slavic women are very curious and well-read, they actively take an interest in Western life with their customs and traditions, so it will be easy-peasy for them to join the living cascade.

Why are Slavic women aiming to strike a chord with men?

A good turnout of women was surveyed on  Rondevo. They all claim that they respect men for their respect for women, for their sensitivity, intelligence, attentiveness, and self-confidence, which makes them a feminine support and hope. Unfortunately, not all Slavic men can boast of these qualities. Moreover, in Slavic countries, there is a significant difference between the number of men and women. The latter is in the vast majority. Some women cannot find marriage partners, and therefore are forced to remain alone.

Slavic women appreciate reciprocity and appeal. But most of the men take the love and adoration of women as a normal state of things without showing reciprocity. Any woman appreciates attention and care. This is so natural! Women value the feeling of being with a man as if behind a stone wall, speaking of courage and braveness. Western men sincerely admire the beauty and intelligence of Slavic women, while many Slavic men are not able to appreciate all these qualities. It is very important for Slavic women to secure their children with a decent future, and the economic situation in their regions is not stable. Therefore, the Slavic will prefer to marry a man who is stable and mature.

Why do you consider Slavic women so amazing?

According to our surveys from    Rondevo, a following number of reasons is withdrawn:

Tender sentiment and loyalty

For a Slavic woman, such concepts as family and love have the utmost importance. In a relationship, they value tenderness, care, and affection. In turn, they overpoweringly give themselves to the partner and are always stand together, on the side of her beloved whatever happens in life.

Own Michelin chef at your kitchen

Slavs prefer to cook at home rather than go to the restaurants, as homemade food is prepared with love and attention to a dear person. Girls are very fond of experimenting and every dish is like a masterpiece.


Since the family has the highest priority for the Slavic women, she always takes into account the interests of the family first. The woman is the domestic goddess, so she is happy to spend time on household chores and arranging comfort.

What advice can you give to men who are interested in getting acquainted with Slavic girls?

Throw caution to the winds and be courageous. Given the trend, every second female user on   Rondevo is happy to have a conversation with a Westerner. Slavic women are very multifaceted and impressively intelligent. They can easily support a conversation on any topic. Be the first to break the ice and then an exciting time is guaranteed.

In wrapping up

At the end of the interview, Veronica provided us access to the   Rondevo app. Here is what we learned from there: the ladies there are really very sociable, modest and gorgeous. We’ve got a lot of vivid impressions from fascinating conversations with them. Goddesses made flesh successfully combining all the best qualities at once. Let Veronica’s service bring happiness to people and prosper!

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